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As a native Texan, a Dunkin’ location was always a rare sight. However, coming up to Philadelphia for college, I was surprised to see a Dunkin’ almost at every block.

At a broader level, what can their store locations tell us about their customer base and what they view as attractive locations to serve this base? Based on this can we determine locations where Dunkin’s can expand to? …

A data analysis project evaluating the public’s perceptions and associations between the elderly and Coronavirus.

Introduction and Overview

At the end of 2019, a new strain of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China. Before long, it rapidly spread across China and throughout the world, resulting in a global pandemic that was declared in March of 2020. As of April 2021, this virus has resulted in over 135 million cases and over 2.9 million deaths.

A common misconception throughout the pandemic has been that ‘Coronavirus only kills old people.’ The initial data from China suggested that COVID-19 was more fatal among people who had…

Tanvi Kongara

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